BeE Blogs: Getting to know the woman behind Bee-tails

BeE Blogs: Getting to know the woman behind Bee-tails


No more putting off my blog! I've said for quite some time now that I wanted to start a blog about styling on a budget! & this journey will start TODAY!

First I would like to start by introducing myself. My name is Brittany Jackson & I am the CEO & Founder of BeeTails. I enjoy shopping BUT I get a thrill out of saving. I'm a woman that enjoys thrift stores & clearance racks! 

What is BeeTails all about? BeeTails is a woman on the act of being detailed.I'm sure you have the perfect outfit already I'm just here to help you complete the look with the BEST of the BEST accessories!

My blog will be about Secrets of a $30.00 look! 

It's summer time! The perfect time for color combination. Be BOLD no boring lol. At this moment I'm obsessed with the color green. I found this blouse while thrifting for only $3.00. Every woman needs a pair of white slacks. They are perfect for any occasion. I also found my slacks in the thrift store for only $3.00. My shoes are literally the most comfortable shoes in my closet from Steve Madden. My pretty & pink clutch is from Galleria Couture.

Thanks for reading! I hope you share with your sister, friends even strangers lol! Please feel free to leave comments/feedback. I want to know what you would like to see on my blog! 



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